It's never Been Easier: Learn How to Get a Personal Loan for $1000 Right Now!

It's never Been Easier: Learn How to Get a Personal Loan for $1000 Right Now!

Open Settlements & Rebates

Unclaimed class action settlement means consumers are leaving billions of dollars on the table! Many consumers who pride themselves on counting every penny may be missing out on money they're owed. That's because they're failing to collect on class action settlement that could range from just a bucks, to hundreds of dollars

Settlement Deadline: 07/20/2020
This case involves multiple data breaches occurring at Yahoo in 2013 through 2016, as well as data security intrusions occurring in early 2012 (collectively, the “Data Breaches”): • The “2012 Data Security Intrusions”: From, at least as early as January to April 2012, at least two different malicious actors were able to access Yahoo’s internal systems. The available evidence, however, does not reveal that...

Settlement Deadline: 08/20/2020
There is a settlement in class action lawsuits against Experian involving the reporting of certain public record information on Experian credit reports. The settlement was approved on February 1, 2019. • You are included if you: (a) requested and received a copy of your credit report from Experian between January 15, 2011 and September 21, 2018 that included a public record (such as a bankruptcy, judgment or tax lien); and/or (b) between...

Settlement Deadline: 11/16/2020
If you have a Vortens™ Brand Toilet Tank that was manufactured in 2011, you could get benefits from a Class Action Settlement. The Lawsuit claims that Vortens™ manufactured and sold defectively manufactured toilet tanks, knew of the defective condition of the toilet tanks, and failed to provide warnings notifying the public about the defect.

Settlement Deadline: 02/03/2021
All current owners and lessees of model year 2014-2016 Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles equipped with the 3.0L EcoDiesel engine are eligible for the Approved Emissions Modification and extended warranty. To receive the Approved Emissions Modification, your vehicle must be: (1) registered in the United States with a state department of motor vehicles or equivalent agency; and (2) operable (i.e., capable of being driven under its...

Settlement Deadline: 02/10/2021
The lawsuit alleges that on or about January 17, 2017, TransPerfect was the victim of a phishing attack resulting in the disclosure of its current and former employees’ Form W-2 data and payroll information (“Data Breach”). TransPerfect maintains that it had meritorious defenses, and it was prepared to vigorously defend the lawsuit. The settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing or an indication that TransPerfect has...

Settlement Deadline: 04/13/2021
The lawsuits allege that Watts: Designed, manufactured, marketed and/or sold Water Heater and FloodSafe Connectors that were defective; Knew of the defective condition of these connectors; and Failed to provide warnings to prevent failure of the connectors. The lawsuits allege that Watts’ actions led to the failure of the Water Heater and FloodSafe Connectors. The lawsuits ask for replacement connectors to be provided to those...

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